Your Guide to Sea World San Antonio with Toddlers

It’s that time of year again!

The temps are heating up, and we’re all in need of a day out of the house. What better way to spend a hot day than at Sea World! There’s tons to do at the park, but today, I’m sharing with you our top spots for the kids and my tips to make the most out of your trip!


Before heading to the park we mapped out a few places we wanted to stop by, and made sure to dress for the occasion. I wore a lightweight dress with a bathing suit underneath and comfortable walking sandals, my husband wore a tee with swim trunks and the girls wore a bathing suit with shorts and sandals.

We also packed sunscreen, two towels, and water shoes for the girls. The park requires all diaper aged children to wear water diapers in the water park areas, so we also packed 2 regular diapers and 2 extra water diapers just in case. We packed extra hair ties, sunnies, and two portable hand held fans for the girls as well. Another thing I packed because I knew we would be in water areas of the park is a waterproof phone case on a lanyard where I kept my phone, ID and credit card.

We also decided to bring our double stroller as we have visited Sea World as adults and know the walk can be killer. The park also has strollers for rent but I am unsure of the cost. We knew the girls would get tired so we opted to bring the stroller and were so happy we did. The stroller also served as a great spot to store all of the bulkier things we brought with us like towels, etc.

Park Purchases

We wanted to spend the least amount as possible on food and beverage, so before heading into the park we stopped by the McDonald’s on the corner for breakfast and made sure to have a good meal before entering. The one thing I would absolutely recommend spending the money on is the Sea World Park Cup. It comes in either a blue or an orange color, and you purchase it once and refill it all day for free the day of purchase.

If you plan on visiting Sea World again you can bring your cup along and only pay $2.50 for refills consecutive days. It’s totally worth it! If you plan on eating at the park and are spending a full day I recommend purchasing the all day dining pass, adults can pay $44.99 a pass and children are $24.99. These passes can be used every 90 minutes. So it’s worth it only if you plan on being at the park for a full day.

Hot Spots

Dolphin Encounter

We couldn’t go to Sea World without seeing the Dolphins so we scheduled a Dolphin Encounter where we got to feed the dolphins, see them do some awesome tricks, and even get splashed on. It was such a cool experience and really interactive for the girls. They were so excited to throw the treats to the dolphins and watch them splash in their environment.

Elmo Rocks

Elmo Rocks was such a fun show to watch with the girls! It includes Life-size Sesame Street characters dancing and singing to kid friendly songs. Make sure to check time frames for the showings as they run at specific times. This leaves you time to plan out other activities before and after catching the show.

Grover’s Roundup

A toddler approved merry go round with lots of colorful horses and sea creatures to choose from. This ride does require all toddlers to be accompanied by a parent or guardian but is fun and kid friendly! My youngest gets scared quite easily and she really enjoyed this ride.

Little Birds Splash

One of the highlights and where we spent most of our day, was at the splash pad. The girls changed into their water shoes to move around easier in the water and avoid hot spots with their bare feet. The floors can get pretty hot in dry areas, so make sure you and your toddlers are wearing shoes at all times. There are two separate sections to this splash pad but the girls made it their playground quick! Mom and dad even joined in on the fun to cool off after a long day at the park.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about our experience at the park, and make sure to stay tuned for our next adventure and some great tips to make your experience one to remember!

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