Why you should buy a Lollipop Baby Monitor

Everything you need to know about the lollipop baby monitor.

Ok loves, let’s get started! To start off the packaging and presentation of this thing is immaculate! So cute, and packaged beautifully! It has easy to follow instructions, and all the bells and whistles to install it. The kit comes with the camera (obvs) a usb cord and power adapter, and cord coverings (that have sticky tape to hide the cord along back of crib). It also has a branch looking wall mount accompanied with screws to mount it to your wall if your baby is old enough to reach out and grab it from the crib. The camera itself is super flexible and can contort to any crib railing. I got the camera in pink, but it also comes in blue and a green color.

Sound features

Other than the obvious view of your baby, the camera comes with pretty neat features. I love that the camera comes with sounds! I usually turn on the white noise at night for my baby girl, it also has a timer so you can have the sound turn off within a certain timeframe. In the mornings, I’ll play some Mozart or Chopin upon awaking, and play the role of Baby DJ.

Video features

The camera has crying detection and will record an”event video” when an episode begins. These event videos are recorded in 30 second intervals. So, let’s say your baby starts crying, it’ll start recording the event and the 30 seconds following, showing you putting the pacifier in her mouth or grabbing her for a feeding or change. I really like this feature for the days I forget what time I fed her at, it time stamps it for you, and you can look back and see what time her last feeding was at. Perfect for when you have mombrain.


I also like the fact that I can share the app with my spouse, he can always look in and see how his baby girl is doing while he is at work.The lollipop camera has a great feature so that your phones battery doesn’t get low from having it in live view. It has the option to hear your baby without your screen being on, which I think is awesome! It serves as an audio monitor in these instances. You can also talk to your baby through the monitor which is so sweet! The night view on this monitor is also great, and has a very clear view. Here’s an idea of what an event video and night view looks like. 

The camera also comes with something called, “cross detection” that monitors your babies movements inside the crib. This is one feature I wasn’t able to try. All in all, we are so happy with our monitor and feel safer and secure now that we can view our baby girl while she sleeps. I would definitely recommend it to any mom looking for something, stylish, sleek, easy to install, and definitely has multiple uses.

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