The Importance of Routine ft. Old Mother Hubbard Dog Snacks

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I wake up every morning at the same time, and my days start off the same. Fold the bed, take the dog (Duke) on his morning break, get my oldest daughter set up with her cheerios and milk, coffee for me, feed the dog. I’ll usually get in a quick 30 minute cycle as I wait for my youngest to awaken. Although my days always start off the same, our daily events and activities are nothing alike.

With two toddlers, and a growing pup, my hands are always full. Consistent routine helps my girls understand what comes next throughout the day, when they are fed, when snacks are given, when playtime, nap time and bed time are. So why would it be any different with a puppy?

Duke is a little over 5 months old now, and he has grown to a staggering 48 pounds. Just like my daughters, he is now on a schedule as well. We feed him 3 times a day, once in the AM, once around 4 PM, and then again around 8 PM. The one thing that is a little more spastic are his treats. Now that he is housebroken we are constantly treating him as a reward. Teaching him different commands and tricks, also calls for many treats.

A small snack is the best way to reward your puppy once he has mastered something. We started giving Duke Old Mother Hubbard Baking Co. All Natural Dog Snacks, and you guys he is addicted to these things. They have so many great flavors, but his absolute fave is the P-Nutter Oven-Baked Dog Biscuits. I usually break the dog biscuit in a few smaller pieces so I can give him treats as he is working on a new command.

With a taste of Peanut Butter, Apples, Carrots, and Molasses, no wonder Duke loves these things! Of course we still try to mix it up and at times will switch to the Old Mother Hubbard Dog SnacksOriginal Assortment. I love to get the girls involved in his training daily, so they can have fun feeding him treats as well. Belly rubs, treats, and lots of laughs are always a part of our day. The girls will usually have a snack of their own around this time as well.

After a belly full of treats, I usually have the girls help me pick all of their toys after snacks and get ready to wind down for their bath, warm milk and bed.

Creating a routine has seriously helped me accomplish a lot of things, and kept me on schedule with all sorts of home and work projects. When you create a routine that works for not only you, but everyone else in your family, you create a more seamless day. With a time-frame for everything, you can easily plan for different activities.

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