Styling a Traditional Christmas Tree and Decor

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Sharing my Christmas Decor a little last minute this year, but I am really loving the way it all came out! This year I decided to go a more traditional route, and left the blush pink ornaments in our storage for the time being. As we are unable to spend this time with family (as I know a lot of you are doing the same) and we really wanted to bring a touch of nostalgia to our home. What better way to do it than with traditional colors and themes throughout.

We’ve also incorporated shelf styling alongside our tree and kept it to a minimum, really focusing on the pops of red that will bring your eye to different levels of the shelf. Styling your shelf should be fun, easy, and effortless and look that way also.

Trying to repurpose past items with more unique pieces is something I have come to love. Some pieces are everyday items as well, for example on the bottom right I inserted an all year piece from Studio McGee that I use often. The baskets at the very bottom that are there year round, and are used to store toys and my children’s play things. A few pieces are lower end bought from big lots and target, but mixed with higher end pieces really help tie in everything nicely. 

When it came to ornaments we also kept it minimal, mixing white ornaments we had from the year before as well as adding in some red ball ornaments from crate and barrel that really make a statement. I also invested in some minimal Anthropologie monogram ornaments to give it that touch of customization and make it special for the girls when looking for their letter on the tree. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Christmas tree decor this year and can pull some inspiration from it, as these pieces are really timeless! Let me know your favorite piece below, and if you try to mix it up every year or keep it minimal.

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