Speed Clean With Me with the Shark VACMOP Floor Cleaner

This month I had the pleasure of partnering up with Shark to review their new VACMOP! I’ve tried a few of their products in the past and have always been pleasantly surprised by their design, functionality, and ease of use. From the Shark IQ Robot, to the Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum I have loved and used each just as much as the other. With all this extra time on my hands, I have been on the hunt for a great floor mop and have tried a few. But between a family of three and our new furry addition, Duke, our floors can get quite messy! I’ve got my carpet cleaning game down but definitely needed to step up how I keep my hard floors clean! 

Cue the new VACMOP by Shark. The new Shark VACMOP really saves me time when cleaning and is a hard floor cleaning system. It combines powerful vacuum suction and spray mopping for a complete clean all in one disposable pad. So now, I can clean up quick messes after snacks, mealtimes, and those sometimes little accidents pets can make, all with my Shark VACMOP. It captures, pet hair, dust, small and large debris and more. Everything is suctioned up into the dirt chamber in the disposable layered pad, and can be tossed away when the dirt chamber is full. One of the things I loved about the VACMOP is that I never have to touch a dirty pad again! It has a button I can press to release the pad and toss it in the trash after using. How cool is that? 

The VACMOP is cordless, weighs less than 5 pounds and can be recharged, as it comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It’s easy to put together and comes with cleaning solution, absorbent mopping layered pads, and a charger for your VACMOP. I absolutely love their VACMOP pads, they are seriously so absorbent with four layers that tackle stuck on messes and absorb wet messes. These pads are especially great at picking up dry debris, like dust, dirt, and pet hair. The VACMOP is easy to maneuver and user friendly. But best of all, it does all the work while I push a button and watch the magic happen. For a quick clean up, the VACMOP has all the functionalities I need, with a sleek look and time-saving innovation.

Now I can spend more time playing with my babes, than cleaning after them.

If you’d like to check out the new Shark VACMOP, a cordless vacuum and mop in one, it is now available to purchase on SharkClean.com.

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  1. 6.16.20

    Oh, gosh. I desperately need one of these in my own house. Great cleaning tool!

  2. 6.17.20
    Rose Ann Sales said:

    Wow,that sounds so convenient to use. I will def check this out!

  3. 6.17.20
    Sundeep said:

    Thanks for sharing about this floor cleaner. I would love to have one for my house. I need to check whether they deliver in my country or not

  4. 6.17.20

    Oh man I need one of those in my life, like, YESTERDAY. This sounds amazing!

  5. 6.17.20

    This look like a really promising product and great for cleaning, thanks for sharing!

  6. 6.17.20

    This sounds amazing! Will definitely check it out!

  7. 6.17.20

    I could never look as fit and good as you while cleaning haha. Maybe I need that cleaner so I could look the way you do.

  8. 6.17.20
    cait said:

    i need this vacumn like yesterday- ive heard great thins about it

  9. 6.17.20

    Wow…these mentioned products seems to be very helpful for every woman…True is that cleaning takes our much time…and having this vacmop floor cleaner we can easily save our that precious time..Thanks for the review..this is really very helpful and important..Great work…

  10. 6.17.20
    Abbey said:

    This is just what I was looking for!! Thank you for sharing this

  11. 6.17.20
    Kristyn said:

    I’ve heard great things about this mop! A friend of mine was considering it.

  12. 6.18.20

    I have heard that shark products are really good but I’ve never tried any of them. This is a great review.

  13. 6.18.20
    Celebrate Woman Today said:

    I have a Shark mopping vac with a cord. I always dream of the cordless one. Will check this one out for sure.

  14. 6.18.20

    This seems to be another nice cleaning product that we could check!

  15. 6.18.20
    Alexis said:

    With 5 kids, 2 dogs, and 3 adults I need this vaccuum in my life. My regular steam mop isn’t getting everything anymore.

  16. 6.18.20

    Something I have been always looking for. Sounds perfect. Would love to try this soon.

  17. 6.22.20
    kileen said:

    i just heard about this mop and definitely need it!

    cute & little