September Wellness Favorites

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Hey Friends! Super excited to share with you my September Health and Wellness favorites! As you know, I am constantly trying out new products, and I wanted to share with you all the benefits I have been seeing in the past few weeks, as I’ve tried each product below.

Veestro Plant-Based Meals

Let’s start off with Veestro! I’ve shared with you before a few different meal services I have absolutely loved, but Veestro is different in the sense that it is 100% plant-based, vegan, and a real time saver. I love that it comes frozen so it stays fresh longer, and helps me stay consistent when it comes to living a health lifestyle. I am a very busy mama of two, and a fur baby, so, I love anything that helps me stay on track while using my time efficiently. It’s chef crafted, delicious, and convenient. Veestro is a fully prepared, delivery-service that helps you make healthy choices while living a busy life. Right now, with the code BABBLEBOXX, you can receive $120 off of your first 4 shipments! (Offer expires 10/31 at 11:59 PM CST) I’ve noticed that my eating habits have changed tremendously, when I have something quick and healthy at my fingertips.

Halo On-the-go Hydration

On the go hydration from HALO, is another really helpful product I’ve been using this last few weeks to help me increase my water intake. Drinking water, and enjoying it, has always been my downfall. And because of that, I am constantly feeling very dehydrated. That’s where HALO comes in. It is a blend of vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals that helps your body replenish and defeat dehydration. With only 15 calories and 1 gram of sugar per stick it helps boost immunity, energy, and support metabolism. I use HALO anytime I am feeling a little sluggish, wether that be post workout, after a long day of shooting, or just a particularly busy day with the kids for healthy hydration. Shop now on and use code HALO20 for 20% off.

Flexitol Lip Balm

I am extremely picky when it comes to lip balms, and chap sticks. It can’t be too sticky, have a strong scent, and it’s gotta work! I always get dry lips and this stuff has been amazing at keeping them hydrated when they need a little TLC. Flexitol has key ingredients like Lanolin, Glycolic Acid, and Urea, all clinically-proven to nourish and hydrate. It is a three in one system that exfoliates, hydrates, and alleviates discomfort from dry or chapped lips.

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

I’ve always had a big appetite, and it’s probably the main reason for any weight gain I accumulate as the years go on. I’ve been on the hunt for a natural product that would help me curb my appetite, and maintain a healthy weight as I continue to workout and eat right. I have been trying Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and have noticed a big difference in my appetite. Apple Cider Vinegar is also shown to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and manage weight gain. I drink it daily now, before a busy day and have noticed a tremendous shift in my hunger levels. If you’d like to try it for yourself use code BABBLE10 on to get 10% off your order.

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub

Let’s talk skin! Who doesn’t love a good sugar scrub? I tried the Desert Haze Sugar Scrub from Tree Hut, and the scent is just delicious. I love that the scrub is effective yet gentle and has an amazing list of ingredients. Tree Hut scrubs just have a way of leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. The Desert Haze sugar scrub is packed with ingredients like Cactus Flower, Raspberry, and Shea butter. Providing lasting hydration, and the appearance of a healthy and even skin tone, while helping to promote elasticity.


I have used and loved so many different VICHY products throughout the years, and just love their products so much! The Mineral 89 Prebiotic is no different. This serum is formulated with mineral rich volcanic water, niacinamide, and helps fight the visible signs of aging. Stress plays a big role in how our skin looks and feels, VICHY Mineral 89 Prebiotic serum fights the visible signs of aging by accelerating the skin barrier repair while protecting against future aggressors. I love that it visibly has reduced the redness in my face and dryness I suffer from in the hotter months.

I have loved the benefits I’ve seen with each new product, tell me in the comments below which you’re most excited to try!

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