Repairing Dry and Damaged Hair

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New hair, new me

I don’t know about you but changing my look always gives me a sense of self empowerment, and really gives me a fresh start no matter what time of year it is. I usually opt for a new look when the new year starts, and this has been an on going thing. I am constantly changing my makeup, changing my style, and changing my hair. My hair has gone from jet black , to black blue, to honey with blonde highlights, to full blown bleach blonde. I can’t tell you which one of these colors is my absolute fave, because to be honest it probably will change within the next few months. 

How it all started

I guess my obsession with hair started back in high school. I really enjoyed straightening my hair to the point where it was fried to a crisp, and not only that but I would dye it black over and over and over again with box dye to get that perfect emo look. The amount of hair spray and teasing that went into my routine was absolutely shameful, but I think as an adolescent we all go through some stage of experimentation with our hair. 

You get the picture! As I’ve gotten older I still continue to experiment with my hair, but this time can sleep soundly knowing my hair is taken care of professionals. I never once stood foot in a salon when I was in my earlier years. And although my trips to the salon have been successful, and have turned my hair into the color of my dreams. There is still the aftermath of the dryness and damage of bleaching and dying your hair. 

Salon quality

A trip to the salon can also add up, that’s why I’ve been loving Pantene Pro-V’s Miracle Rescue Collection. I have seen such a change in the way my hair looks and feels after all the damage it’s been through. It repairs your hair making it look shiny, smooth, and ultra soft. Pantene’s Miracle Rescue products repair my damage better than a $60 treatment at the salon. 

A day with this collection looks a little like this. Wash your hair as normal, using the Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo. After shampooing apply the Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment for a deeply-absorbing dose of Pro-V nutrients , and Miracle Moisture Mix-In once you’re out of the shower before heat styling. I like to use the Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shots only on days where I feel my hair needs a little extra moisture, but never go a day without the Miracle Moisture Multitasking 10 in 1 Spray. I absolutely love this spray, it smells so good and is a leave in conditioner that makes your hair feel absolutely amazing!

Want to try it for yourself? Click the link to find out more about Pantene Pro-V’s Miracle Rescue Collection and shop the collection in-stores or online at Walmart. I can’t wait for you to see the difference it makes in your hair today. 

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  1. 3.27.21

    Great post reminding us to watch our hair condition and take care of it before it becomes late.

    • 3.28.21

      Yes, preventative measures are always best, better to mend any damage before it gets to an unmanageable point.

  2. 3.27.21

    There are days when my hair gets extra dry, especially in the summer. I agree with getting salon quality hair shampoos and conditioners. They’ve been working well for me so far.

    • 3.28.21

      The summers are always worse for me too! Getting a quality treatment is totally worth it!

  3. 3.27.21

    They opened the hair salons here 2 weeks ago but they are closing them again for a month because of Corona

    • 3.28.21

      Oh no! So sorry love, this might be a great option for you if you need a treatment while they are closed.

  4. 3.27.21

    Ooh would definitely love to try this out, these sound like great products.

    • 3.28.21

      I definitely recommend! I have seen a huge change in my hair!

  5. 3.28.21
    rachel said:

    This is my GO TO for my damaged hair! LOVE this stuff!