Our Favorite Fall Activities ft. Peppa Pig

This blog post is sponsored by Peppa Pig, all thoughts and reviews are my own.

After the bathing suits are tucked away, and the slip and slide and inflatables have all been neatly folded. My fiancé and I will begin to put back all things summer in their spot until next year. Now comes the fun part, we begin to get ready for fall! Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. The girls love to watch the leaves turn brown, cozy up with some hot cocoa, and fuzzy slippers and curl up to a good movie or show. It’s a much needed change in the Texas summer heat, and we welcome it with open arms!

One of our favorite past times is baking, we love to get messy and creative in the kitchen. The girls love playing with all the different ingredients as I bake, and they are the PERFECT taste testers! Never shy to give me a big toothy smile when they enjoy it, or a head nod when it’s no good (which is few and far between.) They especially love pies! Hailee loves Apple Pies, while Kim is more of a Pecan Pie lover, like her father. We make pies every fall, and it has quickly become one of the activities that really makes it feel like fall for the whole family. This tradition is one that everyone can enjoy.

This year as I baked, the girls took a short break from their favorite fall activity to tune in to Peppa Pig and see her Perfect Day on Nick Jr. They have been watching Peppa Pig non-stop and love playing with Peppa’s shopping mall. I know my favorite activity regardless of season is shopping, and it looks like the girls found out that is Peppa’s perfect day too! They watched as she spent her day at the shopping mall as I finished up with our pies. 

Our perfect apple pie is made with juicy apples, sugar and nutmeg. The sweet aroma of apple pie fills the air and the girls know it’s time to stop playing and time for their favorite pie. I watch as they inhale the tastiness, and sit down beside them to have a piece myself. Embracing our small traditions is something I have come to really enjoy as a mother, and the joy of these moments will forever be something I cherish. 

What does your perfect fall day look like? Are you more of a stay at home type of person, or would you rather be out shopping like Peppa Pig?

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