On the go Toddler Meal Time Must-Haves

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These days you’ll rarely find me at home. The girls and I are always on the go, with something new do, and a new place to explore. I don’t always want to pick something up for lunch, so lately we have been packing a to go sack with snacks, a sandwich, and plenty of water. It saves us a lot of money and has helped us stay on budget this past few weeks. The girls have been loving their Funkins lunch bags, and were so excited to pick out their favorite patterns! Hailee just loved the mermaid print, and opted for a beautiful teal color, while Kimmy stuck with the pink ballerina print.

Funkins lunch bags are made of a soft stretchy material, that makes them easy to wash and dry. I can fit so many things into one lunch bag and are stain, tear and weather resistant.

We also had to get the matching placemats and napkins for them! The prints are so vibrant and colorful, it’s great that I can easily throw them in the wash to re-use over and over again. Cloth placemats are an easy eco-friendly mealtime solution, and I am happy that I am doing my part by just making a few daily adjustments. When the girls see these small changes I hope they will continue to pick up on them. Funkins napkins and placemats are extra absorbent, reversible, and reusable.

We also picked up gel ice packs to keep the contents of the girls bags cool. These fun ice packs come in matching characters like this cute mermaid! The girls also have been loving their fun prints on facemasks, when required.

Leaving a little note in their lunch bags has been so much fun with Funkins! They have the cutest sticky note pads and notecards!

When we do eat at home we love using the Bamboo Dish set. It comes in many matching prints and is perfect for sorting and arranging the girls food. It comes with a cup, bowl and utensil set to match! Each set is made from sustainable and renewable natural bamboo fiber.

Check out all of Funkins products here, and get 20% off using code FUN21 from now un til 9/30/21!

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