My Blush Pink Flocked Christmas Tree & Decor

As far as I can remember, I’ve always either had a fresh tree or full on green fake tree. I’ve always loved the idea of a flocked tree, but I never made the switch. Well, guys I am so happy I decided to go with a flocked tree this year! It’s a Pre-lit, 7 foot Prince, flocked tree from King of Christmas. And it is absolutely gorgeous! It is so full, with minimum fall out! I’ve heard so many different things about flocked trees, that the flock falls off easily, that the floor is usually a mess, but this tree has seriously been so great when it comes to all of that. It is also super full, the branches cover all of the holes so there are NO gaps!

With past trees I had to make sure to incorporate ornaments on the inside of the tree to make it look more full, and that was with fluffing the tree out as well. With my new tree, I have not had to do anything of the sort! We are extremely happy with the look and quality of this tree.

Since I went with a flocked tree, I decided I wanted to glam it out this year, so I went with a blush theme with white accents. Most of my ornaments are from the At Home store but I will link all the extras here for you!

Hope you’ve enjoyed getting some decorating ideas for your Christmas Tree this year! You can use code HEYITSRUBEE for 10% off your choice of a King of Christmas Tree. And get more product details on the items here!

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  1. 12.10.19
    Christine said:

    Oh my goodness your tree is gorgeous!!! I love the pale pink- it’s giving me winter wonderland vibes!! Such a beautiful alternative to the typical tree color schemes you see

    • 12.10.19
      heyitsrubee said:

      Thanks so much babe! Wanted to switch it up this year!

  2. 12.10.19
    Beth said:

    This is gorgeous!! I’ve been thinking about having a “Mama” tree next year. I get my own tree to decorate however I want. Saving this for then!

    • 12.11.19
      heyitsrubee said:

      Haha, yes you totally should! It was so liberating to just go with what I wanted this year! Totally think everyone should do it at least once!

  3. 12.11.19
    Lorena | said:

    I am obsessed with your blush pink decorations!!! We did a rose and copper theme, but yours is to die for!

    • 12.11.19
      heyitsrubee said:

      Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me love!

  4. 12.12.19
    Erin said:

    I love your tree! It’s absolutely stunning! Pinning for inspo