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We’ve all had that moment at the store where we say to ourselves “I should have just stayed home.” But sometimes that’s nearly impossible. With the everyday shopping trip in mind, I came up with my top 5 must haves for keeping your babies happy, preoccupied, comfy and safe. So everyone can get in and out of the store without having a meltdown, including you. Ready? Let’s get started.

Some of these items have been around for some time, others are a little newer and pretty innovative if you ask me. So lets get started, we’ve got a lot to cover!

Less is more!

The Shopping Cart Hammock by Binxy Baby – I wish I had known about this gadget sooner, this thing has literally changed the way I shop and has made my trips one thousand times easier. Not only does it save me from having to put my carseat inside the shopping cart (and take up tons of cart space that I need for groceries) it is super convenient and easy to throw on any cart. This thing fits on Costco and Sam’s clubs carts as well, you need only put it on the most narrow part of it.

My daughter is super comfy and mostly falls asleep on our trips in this thing. It holds up to 50 pounds and comes in floral prints, basic prints, and some pretty cool chevron prints. There’s a snap harness in it to keep baby secure and the ends that clip onto the cart have a strap to secure it to the cart as well, for added security.

Snacks on snacks on snacks.

The snack cup from Skip Hop – This snack cup has so many different designs and is also very convenient for your toddler. My daughter loves to shake this thing, and no matter how much she moves it around the snacks I put in never come out. I think this is because of the way the cup is set up. It’s easy to stick your hand in it, but not so easy to have snacks fly out. 

The cutie clip from Ryan and Rose – This is a silicone bead clip that attaches to your babies pacifier, you can also purchase an array of colors and styles on their website. The site also sells different types of pacifiers designed for different stages of your babies life. The pacifier I have doubles as a teether and so do the beads on the cutie clip. It’s not only cute but keeps your baby soothed as you go about your shopping venture. So great if your babies are always losing or tossing their pacifiers.

Think of how you can keep your baby germ-free!

The GO by Goldbug Horses Shopping Cart Cover – This thing is so cute! I purchased mine at target and it also has two uses. You can use it as a traditional shopping cart cover, but you can also use it over a high chair when you go out to eat with family or friends. It’s super easy to attach to most carts and it is a great way to keep your baby from putting the seatbelt straps in their mouths or bitting on the rails of carts. I should know, my 18 month old loves to try everything and is super curious about everything around her.

When all else fails!

The Wildbird Ring Sling – Not only are these things super convenient and easy to throw in your diaper bag, but they have so many styles its hard to not find one you love. If your little one gets fussy during your trip, you can still shop handsfree with this thing. Just throw it over and tuck your baby in it and I promise you it will make your shopping trip ten times easier. Not only can you put your baby in it, but the WildBird can be used for your toddler as well. I have even worn my 18 month old at times, because it’s just impossible to hold her and get everything I need to get done in the day with one available hand.

Although all of these are on my list of must haves, I think that depending on what age your babies are you’ll find the most use from either the baby hammock or the shopping cart cover. Super helpful and makes any shopping trip more convenient. Check out the binxy baby hammock here, for $5 dollars off your purchase.

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  1. 7.4.19
    allieburtonblog said:

    I 100% wish I would have gotten one of the hammocks! I will definitely be investing for our next kid!

  2. 7.4.19

    Great ideas for mommy shopping hacks. I struggle with taking my toddler to the store. All he wants to do is get out and run all over the place!

  3. 7.5.19

    I have a 5 & 2 year old. I remember getting out of the car, putting on my baby wrap (which was like a puzzle) and heading into the store. Man, I can’t believe I used to go anywhere with a baby now that I’m talking about it! This hammock thing is the bomb! I wish I had one! I can only imagine what types of gadgets they’re going to have for babies in a few years!

    • 7.5.19
      heyitsrubee said:

      We love ours, I definitely use it a lot when I’m shopping on my own, especially living in Texas! The baby wrap isn’t always the best for this heat. 😅

  4. 7.10.19
    Kim said:

    When all else fails, snacks!! Great ideas