February Thoughts

On Change, Rejection, and Reinventing ourselves.

As humans we are constantly reinventing ourselves. Wether that is our taste in music, food, clothing, or heck even the people we surround ourselves with. I personally feel if we aren’t changing, there is really no growth. Staying within our comfort zones is somewhere we all feel safe, but there is beauty in getting out of those comfort zones. Doing something that maybe we always wanted to do, but never had the courage to do so.

I get it, change can be scary. I remember in my 20’s you wouldn’t find me going to a group fitness class, or volunteering for a new opportunity. Trying new foods or restaurants was also something that made me nervous. The fear of the unknown or how I would be received by others was too great. Would I pronounce something on the menu wrong, or take too long to decide on what I wanted? Overthinking can sometimes be debilitating, and lead you to stay stagnant. Wondering if things would have been different had you taken a leap of faith, or tried that new asian cuisine.

As I’ve gotten older I realized everyone is too busy with their own fears, their own thoughts of rejection, and how they are perceived. You realize that you have nothing to lose, and if one door closes there is always another that opens. I truly believe that the things that are meant for you, will be, and those that aren’t won’t.

This year I have focused on spending more time on the things that I love. Fashion, photography, and slowing down to enjoy the little things. In doing so I have found peace and feel so much less stressed. Taking on projects I am passionate about and sharing more of the things that I love. This has also helped me to become my most authentic self. I know it’s easier said than done, but caring what others think about us really isn’t any of our business.

When you find true happiness in where you are in life and what you have, you will see the difference it can make in your over all mood, confidence and how you move forward with making decisions in your life. I say this as your friend, if you are thinking about doing something that makes you happy, do it. It is often times the fear of rejection that holds us back. But I promise you, every rejection is a learning lesson, and can catapult you into something even better. Learning from rejection is what makes you stronger. Thinking critically about what you could have done different or simply just asking those questions. Self advocating into becoming a better version of yourself.

I hope this month brings great change for you friend, and I hope you are in the headspace to welcome all the positive things that are coming your way.


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