Making playtime intentional

One of the things I’ve had the most trouble with as a mama, is making sure to surround my girls with toys that enrich their minds, and enhance their experiences. With the many choices parents have nowadays, it’s easy to to get distracted by the bright colors, loud sirens, and glamorous dolls. This year I’ve made it a goal to be more intentional in the toys my girls play with. I now often rotate toys, making old toys seem new. When in reality the girls just haven’t seen their old friends in quite sometime.

Types of Toys

Along with rotating toys, I have incorporated more toys that range from educational, “just for fun”, and physical. Let me explain. There is a time and place for everything, my oldest will communicate to me how and what she needs by telling me. While my younger daughter will cry or laugh and babble most times. No matter the age, I think our babes often need a break. Each type of toy can be exhausting, and in my experience my girls always communicate that it’s time for a different type.

Educational & Just for fun Toys

Educational toys my girls play with are on a really wide scale, but I will share with you two of my girls absolute faves! We have screen time often, and Hailee loves to play with her Osmo little genius in the mornings. This is the time I am focused most on her, and can sit with her to help as she asks questions and learns on her iPad.

The other toys my girls love and find very educational are our Lovevery playkits. They have a playkit made for exactly your childs age range to help in each developmental stage.

Physical Toys

I honestly feel like physical activity is a must when it comes to playtime. I don’t know about you, but my toddlers seem to have an endless amount of energy. They love to climb everything, jump on the couch non stop, and run in circles around the house. So I am grateful to have found such great toys for them to tire themselves out, and give them that much needed activity they desire.

Wiwiurka Toys have a variety of toys that enrich the physical aspect of my girls playtime. We have the double rocker and absolutely love it. It is large enough to fit both of my girls and doubles as a climber when flipped over.

It is also great for imaginative play. I’ve often caught my girls underneath it treating it as a fort and playing with their dolls underneath it.

No matter how your babes play, I thought I’d share some of our faves and what the girls are loving at this stage. Want to get a wiwiurka rocker yourself? Use code HEYITSRUBEE10 for 10% off today!

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