July Pet Favorites

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Sharing with you a few of our July pet favorites. A few on this month’s list are personal human favorites, but a majority are Duke’s this month. As Duke grows his likes and interests are constantly evolving, so we are always aware of small changes we may need to make to his diet and play time. Check out a few of his favorites below.

Petsies Custom Pillow

Here is a human favorite, and really just a lot of fun! We got this custom dog pillow created through Petsies. They have several sizes and options for you to choose from. From just your furry family members head, head and torso, or full body! We opted for the head and torso and just love how it came out. The girls are obsessed and now each have a pillow for their bedrooms, that they can cuddle every night. Their pillows are super plush and each handmade. From July 12-31st you can get 15% off all custom pillows, using code Heyitsrubee.

Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog) The Ultimate Guide for every dog owner

Another human favorite is a book written by, Dog Trainer, Lara Shannon. Eat, Play, Love shares everything from healthy dog food recipes, dog training, and behavioral issues. She shares her expertise on how to help your dog live their best life, no matter what stage they’re in. Understanding our dog is a huge part of being a dog parent, Lara goes more into depth on how you can enjoy a full happy life with your best friend in Eat, Play, Love the ultimate guide for every dog owner.

Green Gruff Chews

Now onto a few of Duke’s July favorites! He has really been enjoying Ease Chews, by Green Gruff. We have both the Ease Joint and Hip chews, and the Relax Calming chews, both containing CBD safe for pets. The Ease Joint and Hip chews are formulated to target joint, hip, and connective tissue pain. They reduce inflammation and enhance joint lubrication. We’ve noticed that the Relax Calming chews have helped immensely with Dukes nervousness. It can suppress shakiness, and anxiety caused by anything from an upcoming grooming or a thunderstorm. Green Gruff chews are supplements and best if used daily, containing 9 essential amino acids and vitamins and minerals. Use code GGDD30 for 30% off a 90 count today on pet supplements.

Solid Gold NutrientBoost

Solid Gold NutrientBoost is a meal topper for dog food. Duke loves the flavor and we love that it improves his digestion, and gut health. It has been proven to increase digestibility of food, and help with nutrient absorption. Packed with minerals, amino acids, and antibodies it also fights harmful bacteria from your pets intestinal immune system. It’s a win, win and we have seen a more routine bathroom regimen from Duke. Solid Gold NutrientBoost is great for BOTH dogs and cats gut health.

MultiPet Dog Toys

Toys galore! This is probably Duke’s favorite of the bunch. He has been loving Multipet’s Cross-Ropes Duck so much, made of a durable ballistic style nylon, and a rope for tossing and tugging. Duke goes through toys pretty quickly but we have loved how long these have lasted him! He also loves the ball head unicorn, that makes a squeaking sound every time you squeeze it. The girls really enjoy playing fetch with him, and have been having an absolute blast with his new set of toys, keeping him engaged, active and excited for playtime. You can also enter their giveaway for a chance to be one of three winners of a Standing Lamb Chop® Globlet (Polka-Dot Pig) Rope Body Loofa® here.

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Hope Duke’s July Pet Favorites have helped you find some new products to try for your furry friends! Which one do you want to try most?

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