Is your dog a picky treater?

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As a mom,  I know a thing or two about kids and how no one kid is like the other. My daughters couldn’t be more of complete opposites, but I embrace their differences and love them regardless. Well having a dog is sort of like having another child. With each new pet, there also come differences. I used to have a West Highland terrier back in the day, and he was not picky at all. It didn’t matter what I gave him, he was happy no matter what. He ate scraps from the floor, and was literally a vacuum when it came to treats and food. 

Almost a decade later we have introduced a new pet to the family. If you haven’t been around for long, his name is Duke. Duke is a Golden retriever, he’s rambunctious, hyperactive, and always down for a good cuddle, but… he is a little more hard to please. We’ve tried countless treats and it is few and far between that he actually enjoys them. Out of the countless treats that we have tried, one of his absolute faves is Mother Hubbard Dog Treats. Seeing how much he enjoys them makes us happy too.

Mother Hubbard dog treats are available now at Walmart and come in a variety of different flavors- p-nuttier, p-nuttier n’ nanners, original, and classic. They also come in multiple sizes. We love Mother Hubbard Dog Treats because they are made of all natural ingredients, natural flavors and are a delicious snack that Duke just absolutely is obsessed with. Knowing that Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats are natural also makes me feel better about giving him them, because I know that he is getting all natural ingredients with each bite.

Do you have a picky eater? Click on the link to purchase your Old Mother Hubbard dog treat flavor of choice in-store or online at Walmart and see just why we love them so much.

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