How to Toddler Proof your home

When the girls were younger we lived in a two story home, all I could think about was how they would grow within that home. Looking around I knew that the stairs were a huge problem and so were the outrageous amount of outlets. Baby proofing the home was something we had to do early on, to keep the girls safe, and keep our sanity. A baby gate for the stairs, and lots and lots of outlet covers. I never felt like I caught every single accident they had, but I really tried my best. It’s true what they say, mothers really do have eyes on the back of their heads and a heightened sense. My instincts and reflexes went up ten fold when I became a mother.

When we were on the hunt for a new place to live, we searched for something that would work not only for our family size, but for our safety. A nice, quiet suburban community, nestled away from the high traffic of downtown, and out of the zones that showed high crime. 

As the girls have grown in this home we have had to take more precautions the more they learn. Toddler proofing everything from our kitchen, bathroom and security of our entrances and exits. There were times I’d wake up in the morning and find that tiny little hands had gotten to the container of sugar we had in the pantry, or perhaps a whole bag of chocolate chips meant for cookies. 

Furniture also had to be fastened to walls to prevent tipping upon attempted climbs. Drawers out in the form of stairs were a dead giveaway they had climbed and weren’t afraid to get to their destination. Anyone who says girls are less wild or adventurous than boys lied. 

Now that the girls have discovered they can reach the front and back door handles we were in for a real treat when we found the door to be opened on one occasion. Seems as the girls and our dog Duke, had quite the morning romp in our backyard, and were covered in mud from head to toe. We are grateful our backyard is always locked and bolted.  

With that being said, we had been on the hunt for an affordable and effective way to secure our doors. As the girls have become increasingly curious with their surroundings, and their love for the outdoors it was a no brainer. That’s why we were happy to find The Door Guardian. 

We have installed The Door Guardian on our front and backdoors to ensure the doors are toddler proofed. Although the girls can still reach the bottom handles, the door guardian keeps the door secured so they can’t easily exit the home. It was simple and easy to install and the right move for our family. 

We also used the inswing door guardian on my husband’s office door. He works from home and often has meetings, this is to ensure the girls don’t run in during an important part of Chris’s day. 

Finally we installed my absolute fave, the refrigerator lock. The girls are now able to open and close the fridge on their own and it has been both a blessing and a headache. They like to “help” mommy take out different items when I’m cooking, but mostly they just get curious with everything in there and I often find lids missing, items half opened, or jugs spilt. The refrigerator was the easiest of the three guardians to install as it is applied with 3M tape. Just peel and apply to clean surfaces. 

If you are in the market to toddler proof, or even baby proof your home check out The Door Guardian. No matter what your need, they have a guardian for you!

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