How to plan the ultimate Toddler Birthday Party

Planning any party can be quite a task, but planning a kids party, well that’s a whole other story. There’s the theme to choose, the outfits everyone will wear, the perfect date where all your guests are most likely to show. You have to choose a venue that is both parent and kid friendly, and decide what will be on the menu. So much to plan and not enough time to do so, especially if you’re a busy mom like me. I’m gonna show you just how to plan the most stress free, ultimate toddler birthday party ever.

It’s all about the experience!

Let me give you a few pointers there mom, nobody will remember if your daughter had a princess cake or a ballerina cake. They won’t remember what she wore, if her dress was red, pink or blue. Not to downplay the party planning for the occasion because it is still very important. But, what I’ve learned is, the experience is really ALL that matters. Do you want everyone to have a good time (including the parents)? Do you want everyone to get to eat great food and have something ice cold to drink? If your answer is yes to all of the above, keep reading, for a stress free party planning experience.

Keep it simple.

Ok first things first, I’m not going to lie to you and say I didn’t think about a theme or what we wore, but … I made sure to keep our clothing as true to our everyday wear as possible. I went with simplistic designs. A white dress for my Birthday girl and a blush romper for mom. We purchased a white naked cake with blush flowers and got together a few goody bags for the kids prior to heading to our venue.

Find your venue

We partnered with Urban Air for Hailee’s second birthday party, and you guys, it was seriously the best! All we had to do was show up. We brought along our cake and a few balloons but everything else was already set. Now we just had to wait for our guests to arrive.

Make it fun for everyone

Urban air is not only a “trampoline park” but it also has many other attractions. All of them are adult friendly and they even have adult beverages for the parents. Hailee is only two so she stuck to the trampolines the most, but she also enjoyed their tubes playground. The park has a climbing wall, warrior course, a battle beam, a slam dunk zone, a ropes course and so much more.

We loved that the parents could go and jump with their kids and enjoy the party room when they needed a break from it all. Our party included wristbands and socks for up to 10 children, a party room with an HD TV, a party host, 2 large pizzas, waters, and the whole room setup and cleanup. Our two hours went by way too fast, but good news is once your party is over your guests and yourself can stay to jump and utilize the additional tables and cafe they have set up.

Hailee had such a fun birthday, an experience that we will never forget. I highly recommend Urban Air, for a great experience, delicious food, and a stress free easy party. Urban Air can be booked for other festivities as well! Click here to find out more!

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  1. 9.27.19
    Monica said:

    Keep it simple! I love it! I am not a fan of over extravogant parties for little ones. They won’t remember it so why go all out? Then it’s really for the parent and not the child, the child is just an excuse

  2. 9.27.19
    heyitsrubee said:

    I completely agree, I feel the experience is the most important thing! Thanks for reading Monica!

  3. 9.28.19
    Darcy said:

    Our kids love urban air! Who are we kiddo g? So do I!!! Keep it simple!!!! That’s the best advice

  4. 9.28.19
    Darcy said:

    Our kids love urban air! Who are we kiddo g? So do I!!! Keep it simple!!!! That’s the best advice. I love your romper! So cute

  5. 9.29.19
    Kari said:

    You’re totally right! It’s the experience that matters! No one will remember if the decorations were color coordinated!

  6. 9.29.19

    I love this. Sometimes birthday parties can get so overwhelming. I love that you dressed as you usually do. I hope your sweetheart had a special day <3