How to choose the right bedding

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Choosing your Bedding

When it comes to the Master bedroom our bed takes a huge space of real estate. And why shouldn’t it? We spend most of our time here. And when I say we, I mean me, my hubby, and BOTH of my girls. Sure they each have a separate bedroom and their own beds but nothing beats mom and dads bed! When we purchased our bed we almost went with a queen size, but as we thought about it we just knew we had to upgrade to a king sized bed.

As the girls have grown we have noticed that they will climb up onto our bed at night and we will get a sweet cuddle every morning. So we definitely have to take into consideration everyone in the family when we are choosing anything for our bedroom. That includes the bedding!

Cold Sleeper

We all have our preferences. Hailee and I are more on the cold side so we just LIVE for cozy and warm bedding. Because of this I knew we had to get the Snug Bamboo Duvet Cover , in clear white, to place over our warm duvet. It’s made with naturally thermoregulating antimicrobial bamboo on side and snug microfiber on the other.

Hot Sleeper

Kim and Chris are total opposite from Hailee and I. They are what I like to call “hot sleepers”. Often sleeping with the blanket off, or one leg hanging out. So for them we picked up the white king Premium Bamboo Sheet Set with the flat sheet. It’s ultra breathable, antibacterial and super silky soft! It tends to stay on the cooler side so if you are a hot sleeper like my Kimmy and hunny it is perfect for you during summer!

Finishing Touches

As the cherry onto of this cozy cake, we threw in a plush Braided Pom Pom lumbar pillow , in Sahara Tan, made with memory foam to form to your body and ALWAYS keep it’s shape. I’ve often had problems with decorative pillows losing their shapes, so I was extremely impressed with their pillow and how it managed to keep it’s shape so well.

Their braided Pom Pom throw was what this set needed to give it that added touch of cozy! We often cuddle under this blanket during movies and the girls may or may not have fallen asleep with just how comfy they have been underneath it.

If you are looking for the extra touch of cozy to add to your bedroom check out Sunday.Citizen, and use my discount code 1RUBY15 to save 15% off your purchase!

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