Four Back to School Finds

There’s nothing worse than thinking you have your back to school shopping complete, and then realizing you don’t. If you are anything like me you are ALSO scrambling to purchase those last minute supplies and maybe even a few things you didn’t even know you needed!

Vitamin Friends Gummies

I’ve been big on making sure the girls get their vitamins, especially now that school has started. You never know what they are eating, or NOT eating while at school. So, to make sure Hailee is getting all her necessary vitamins and minerals I stocked up on Vitamin Friends Multi and Focus Gummies. All vegan with added choline, to get her through her busy days.

CORE Foods Nutrition Bars

My girl is also always snacking, so I made sure to get plenty of snacks that she likes, but also have great ingredients, like these CORE Foods Nutrition bars. They are gluten free, vegan, and literally the perfect brownie bite! Rich chocolate and creamy peanut butter combined for a salt sweet masterpiece.

Wowwee Fashion Fidgets

When I saw these fashion fidgets by Wowwee, I knew Hailee would be obsessed. They are fashionable fidgets with their own flair and personality, just like my girl. She’s already placed them on the zippers of her backpack so she can take them along with her to school.  

Western Chief Girl Scout Rain Boots

We also picked up some cute rain boots as it’s been rainy and wet recently here in San Antonio.  These are by Western Chief and have the cutest Girl Scout print on them, Hailee instantly gravitated to them, and I could just no turn them down. With the cutest cookie prints, she is sure to get the attention of some new little friends at school!

Thanks for taking the time to check out today’s blog post, we are so excited for Hailee’s first year of school! It’s a big change for my girl, but also for myself and little sis as well. I hope you found some products I shared above helpful, and wish you and your babes a great year of school!

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