Finding the right Dog Food for your pet

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A growing boy

Duke really has grown since the last time we introduced our love for Wellness Core dog food. As Duke has grown, his needs continue to change daily. That being said, we have been really impressed with the thought that Wellness CORE puts into caring for Duke, AND his belly. As you know, a happy dog starts with a healthy belly, and no I’m not just talking about belly rubs, but if you want we can include those too!


We’ve recently made the switch to their Wellness CORE Digestive health dog line, now available on Amazon, and are reaping the benefits. Duke just loves the CORE Digestive Health Dry Food! He is used to dry food and eats it daily. The dry dog food comes in two flavors, Whitefish and Brown Rice and Chicken and Brown Rice, but personally Duke loves the Chicken and Brown Rice.

Variety of flavor options

We do like to switch it up and treat him to the CORE Digestive Health Pate’ once in a while! The pate’ is a wet dog food, comes in a 13 ounce can, and is available in three different flavors, Chicken, Beef, and Lamb! The dry food supports a healthy microbiome, immunity, a lustrous coat & healthy skin, and promotes vitality. The pate’ is highly digestible, supports a lustrous coat & healthy skin, supports immunity, and is grain free, which we love! 

We also just recently introduced the CORE Digestive Health Bowl Boosters to his diet! The Bowl Boosters are such an easy way to add even more flavor to his food, which Duke has no complaints about. It also has probiotics to help support our growing dogs healthy digestion. We just love that it helps aid in digestion, so we can be proactive in Dukes digestive health.

If you’re curious about Wellness CORE Digestive Health, and would like to try it for your furry friend, click the link below to add them to your Amazon cart!

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