February Toddler Favorites

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Today the girls and I are excited to share with you a round up of our January faves! I am constantly trying new products and wanted to share a few that have really caught mine and especially the girls eyes this past month.

CoComelon Musical Yellow Schoolbus

It’s no secret that the girls are absolutely obsessed with CoComelon, and if you have kids you probably know most of the songs by heart now. The girls cannot get enough of this adorable yellow school bus with a JJ figurine to place inside it. They go crazy for the wheels on the bus song this toy plays, and are always taking turns riding around the house with this cute toy, from Jazwares, for kids and babies!

Squishmallows Stuffed Toy

The Squishmallows stuffed toy is a favorite of Kimmy’s, she is absolutely obsessed with stuffed animals and puppies, so it was really a no brainer that she would love the Squishmallows. It’s so cuddly and soft, made by Jazwares, and available at a retailer near you!

Reach Out & Read Bookmark

The Reach Out & Read Bookmark has been a fave of my girls when it comes to reading. Hailee is at the stage where she is loving her books. We read to her every night and she loves to read the books back to us! The purpose behind Reach Out & Read is to encourage and help families to read aloud together. We just love their mission!

Baby Magic Calming Baby Bath and Baby Lotion

If you’ve been following us for some time now, you know that one of our favorite scents is lavender. That’s why we’ve been enjoying using Baby Magic in the lavender and chamomile scent. It’s such a calming nostalgic scent and really helps to moisturize the girls skin. We love to use this right before bedtime and it is a perfect addition to our night-time routine.

Else Nutrition

Hailee has become increasingly picky with fruits and vegetables, if it’s not in a pouch or mixed in with her food unknowingly she will not lift a fork to the nutritious foods we serve her. That’s why we have been loving Else Nutrition, it’s made for picky toddlers to supplement the nutrients they need that they may not be getting. Made with the purest, clean ingredients, it is a great source of protein, calcium, iron, fiber & healthy fats. We love that it helps promote Hailee’s growth and development. I’ve included a link below to try it out for 20% off, if you too have a picky eater!


Lil Sidekick Sippy Cup Strap

The Lil Sidekick Sippy Cup Strap is the equivalent to a pacifier strap … but for toddlers. My girls are constantly asking me for water, and juice throughout the day so this makes it easy to keep on hand and nearby. Before we would constantly lose skippy cups beneath the couch, under beds, toy boxes, you name it! But with the Lil Sidekick that is totally a thing of the past and a game changer! Check out the link below for a 10% discount on the Lil Sidekick.


Thanks for taking the time to check out this months toddler faves!

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