Easy Crafts for Toddlers with Scholastic Klutz

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Sometimes entertaining your kids can be hard. Honestly my girls have such short attention spans and I find that if I am not engaged with them fully, they cannot sit still once they start playing with something. 

For example, they can have the newest doll but will play with it a whole 3 minutes until they are onto the next shiny object. I find that the easiest way to entertain my girls is when we get crafty, and I am showing them how to create something new with their hands. 

Today we are getting hands on with the Scholastic Klutz Mini Sushi Bar book and activity set. I’ve gotta hand it to Scholastic Klutz, they really have made it easy to get crafty in a flash. Their activity sets come with everything you need and then some. Hailee saw this set and her eyes lit up! She loves going with mommy and daddy to have sushi on the weekends, so this was right up her alley. 

Scholastic Klutz gives you easy to follow instructions on how to create each item in their kit, and even shows you step by step how it’s done. I am a visual learner, so just looking at the book briefly gave me a sense of what we would be creating. 

Hailee and I started off by creating all of the items we would be placing our sushi on, like the dinner plate, chopstick rest, lunch box, chopstick holder and milk carton. These were pretty simple to create, and after a few quick folds were complete and ready for our sushi!

We opted to create the sushi rolls, Miso Soup, Shrimp Nigiri, and Onigiri from this set. It was so much fun to watch Hailee create the sushi. I showed her how to roll the rice and she quickly caught on, from there she placed the seaweed around each rice roll and continued to roll more rice for more sushi rolls. We placed black beady eyes on each sushi roll, and filled the sushi with different colors of clay to mimic the various fillings a real sushi roll would have. 

The Miso soup was the simplest to create. For this part we needed yellow, white, and green clay. The yellow clay took the majority of the project to create the broth, and we placed green clay for the green onions, and white clay for the tofu. It came out so adorable with the black eyes as well as a cute little smile to top it off. 

The shrimp Nigiri and Onigiri were next! For the Onigiri, I had Hailee roll the rice and we created a triangular shape and wrapped it with seaweed. I created the oval shapes of rice for the Nigiri and topped it with red clay for the finished look. Hailee had so much fun and we even have left-over clay for another few days’ worth of sushi making. There are quite a few different sushi bar items on the menu that we have yet to make, but absolutely cannot wait to try them in the next few days. 

I highly recommend trying out Scholastic Klutz for your next family craft night, and getting hands on with your kids to create something fun and memorable with them! Make sure to check out the Mini Sushi Bar book and activity set here, and let me know down in the comments what types of crafts are your kids favorites.

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