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With so many things on the market it’s hard to know exactly what you need as a new mom, most of the time you purchase things that are completely unnecessary. But girl, that’s why you have me! I am a seasoned mom of two under two, and I am here to help. I’m going to tell you exactly what you need, and why you need it. So let’s get started.

1. Avanchy wooden bowl set

These bowls are not only stylish but they have a suction to the bottom of the bowl/plate that comes off easily when it comes time to washing. They stay in place when your baby is eating and helps for less clean-up.

2. Bumkins Bibs

These giant bibs are great, they even have a set that comes with sleeves! They have a small pocket that doesn’t get in the way of eating, and catches fallout food.

3. Little Unicorn Burp Cloth

These bibs really pick up excess milk without seeping through onto your blouse. They are super absorbent and I never get milk stains after burping my daughter, also they come in a lot of cute fun prints for boys and girls.

4. Baby Tylenol

This is self-explanatory, from infancy to adulthood we get numerous amounts of shots, I always give my babies some Tylenol before any set of shots so they don’t encounter a fever.

5. Nose Frida

This gadget is a lifesaver! I often use it when my babies are stuffed up and its the only way I can give them some relief that helps them breathe better.

6. Burts Bees Zip-up sleeper

Another great product, really any sleeper will do, but these are my absolute fave! They are snug and really breathable. The last thing you want to do early in the morning or late at night is mess with tons of snap buttons for a simple diaper change.

7. Ryan and Rose Cutie Clip

I love these clips, I never lose my daughters pacifiers! I clip them on easily to any outfit and they never fall off.
8. Baby Bling Bows We all know bows complete a baby girls outfit, and these are so stretchy and soft, and they always have new seasonal items which makes them super fun to dress my daughters up in.

8. Baby Bling Bows

These bows have by far been my favorite for my girls, they are ultra soft and super stretchy, I like that I can use them on both my younger and older daughters.

9. Happ Brand Diaper Bag

I’ve gone through different styles of diaper bags, from Eddie Bauer back packs, to skip hop, but my all time favorite and easily accessible one is this bag. It carries so much in it, and is very fashionable. I never feel like I am carrying a diaper bag.

10. WildBird Sling

Such a great staple piece, you still look fashionable while carrying your baby. Baby wearing is the only way I ever get anything done with two babies. I even wear my 17 month year old in this thing, it’s very durable.

11. Oribel Cacoon High Chair

Such a beautiful color of pink, it reclines and can also be used as a bassinet. Easy to clean, the material is very durable and the top has a tray that comes off so you can wash in the sink.

12. 4moms tub

I love that this tells you clearly how hot the water is, and when it’s safe to put your baby in.

13. 4moms Mamaroo

I used to have a traditional swing that was bulky and loud (fisher price) along with that I had a bouncer (also fisher price). After about a year of use the swing gave out so we upgraded to this, and I will NEVER go back. This is so lightweight so I can move it anywhere in my house and so much quieter than the swing. We also barely use the bouncer because of this. My baby girl loves it!

14. Snuggle-me Organic

Such a cozy transition from mamas belly to this snuggle me, my daughter is so comfortable and sleeps great in it for naps. The cover comes off easily for washes, which to be honest I have washed a ton of times ( my daughter has a lot of blow-outs.)

15. Lollipop Baby Monitor

Such a great design, so sleek and it comes in such beautiful colors. It can be mounted to the wall or the crib, it also has a flexible handle so it can attach to any crib easily. The fact that it also has great night vision is a plus!

Those are my top 15 must-haves, hopefully you’ll check them out and they help you with selecting future products. If you have any questions shoot me a comment below and I’d love to help!

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