3 Toddler Play Time Favorites

Imaginative Play

The importance of imaginative play is a high priority in our household. With so many other options for playtime, it can sometimes be hard to get the girls attention. We love FLEXA USA for their large wooden play sets. We have the Shop play set and the girls get hours of fun with it. It features a wooden cash register, small wooden crates, and groceries. The detail on each item is incredible. The cash register comes with wooden coins and a credit card! Hailee has the best time packaging up the groceries as Kim skims the shelves for her latest ingredients for her newest recipe. They also have loads of other play sets to choose from!

Solitary Play

Solitary Play is Kim’s favorite type of play. She keeps more to herself and often gravitates to toys she can occupy, and stay busy alone. Watching her care for her stuffed animals is something I just love to do. We have a few doll sets from Coco Village, that she just adores. A bunk bed for her smaller dolls, a cradle for her bear, a pram for her bunny, and a high chair for her bunny. The toys are easy to assemble, and come in a beautiful Tiffany blue color. They have a lot of other wooden toys to choose from as well as bedroom accessories, and plushies.

Parallel Play

Parallel Play is my favorite type of play to watch as a mama. It’s when my girls are getting along the most and are playing along each others side. They enjoy more active play when playing together. Wether that be something as simple as throwing a ball, crawling through a fabric tunnel, or playing tag. They love our rocker by Wiwiurka. It rocks but can also be flipped and used as a climber. Read more about Wiwiurka in my last blog post here.

Which type of play is your toddlers favorite?

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